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Hands on hips, pout on lips

The sun smiles through the rain, just because...
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Libertines, Shambles, DPT, Yeti, The Invasion Of..., solo stuff. All the boys in the bands!
Pictures, articles, videos, reviews, opinions, discussion, art. All welcome, only a few exceptions:
1. No fic. We have two wonderful fic communities, if you have fic to share please post it either in albion_unbound or albion_fic.
2. No posting of private facebook pics. If it's public, fine. If not, just assume there's a reason why it isn't.
3. No uploads of music that's been officially released. I'm sure you understand why! However, videos & rips of new stuff are most welcome.

No anonymous commenting! This community is members only but everyone's accepted. Unless you turn out to me some kind of spamming robot. In that case, action will be taken!

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